It is now very well understood by the public that news in the Turkish media against Mr. Adnan Oktar and his friends, are derived from a small group of plaintiffs that harbor animosity and have ill intentions. There are also some so called confessions by few individuals who were forced to give defaming and accussatory statements against Mr. Oktar and his friends.

These are nothing but fictional and imaginative untrue narratives.

There isn’t a single piece of tangible evidence in the case file.

A recently published list of indictment confirms this very fact.

Despite the systematically distributed fake propaganda material in the media for a year; it is now understood that:

- All rape accusations are false as proven by the 6th Forensic Specialization Board.

- All drug use accusations are false as proven by the Forensic Chemical Specialization Board.

- Contrary to the false claims, none of the paintings and sculptures found in homes are of historical or ancient value as proven by the expert reports issued by Mimar Sinan Faculty of Fine Arts.

– There is no rape tape and there is no recording of any kind to threaten or blackmail anyone.

– The alleged fortune consisting of millions of dollars, claimed to be buried in the properties do not exist as proven by the government officials who have digged, excavated every inch of all the properties.

– All the military and political espionage accusations are fictitious. There isn’t a single photo or document showing otherwise.

– All the so-called serial murder accusations have turned out to be completely fake.

– No a single person was found under captivity despite the fact that the police operation was simultaneously conducted on 120 different properties.

– Not one plaintiff who claimed to have been tortured and tormented was able to provide a valid report or document proving their claim.

– No weapon without a license or of illegal use exists since they are all registered with licenses, perfectly legal and clean record as proven by a ballistic analysis conducted by Istanbul Criminal Police Lab Directorate.

- There are no threatening or blackmail conversation with anyone despite the fact that all the phones were being taped by the officials for the last 2 years.

- All the transactions which were misleadingly shown as a proof for money laundering activity of the companies are proven to be nothing but electric, water and natural gas bills of 500 or 1000 TL paid to the official institutions through the bank.

– A9 TV and Global Publishing companies do not have 100 millions of dollars to launder as claimed but rather has a modest budget.

Even the list of indictment does not include such an accusation.

Despite all these undeniable facts, some plotters are trying to manipulate the public opinion through fictitious news and false propaganda methods knowing that their plot will fail due to lack of tangible evidence.