Dear Sir/Madam;

There were some unsubstantiated and baseless claims about Mr. Adnan Oktar and his circle of friends, in an article written by Alex Hunton, published on your web site “Cracked.com” on February 3, 2020. The article is a compilation of fabricated claims and baseless, hearsay gossip divorced completely from reality, which we consider is due to misinformation.

First of all, we’d like to point out that these superficial, imaginary and false scenarios were propounded with a purpose of defamation and slander by some domestic and foreign circles, who are troubled by the very influential scientific and cultural work of Mr. Oktar and his friends. Their works have led to the collapse of the Darwinist-materialist ideology and additionally exposed the distorted nature of the radical and bigoted understanding of religion, which is against the Qur’an.

Now that we have a right to reply to the article, in which a ‘soi-disant’ defaming and scornful tone of language was used in describing completely unrealistic scenarios, violating the personal rights of Mr. Oktar and his friends, we would like to explain using solid facts. We believe that the general public can decide for themselves the truth about these unjust and unfounded claims that have been made.

Mr. Adnan Oktar and his friends were arrested as a result of a conspiracy

Mr. Oktar and his friends were arrested in a police operation on July 11, 2018, and have been unlawfully imprisoned for 23 months until today. In the case file there isn’t a single piece of factual evidence for criminal conviction on any of the charges. The indictment is based on the intangible, abstract, baseless, undocumented statements of a group of complainants. The statements are full of imaginary slanders and false claims without supporting proof or evidence. The complainants are a group of people who have personal enmity against Mr. Oktar and his friends. This same group has coerced a few young women as well, threatening to name them as suspects in the same lawsuit if they did not give false statements against the group or cooperate. As agreed and concluded by all of the highly specialized lawyers who have examined the case file and the indictment, the case file is “null”.

The executors of this conspiracy are some high-ranking intelligence officers appointed by the British Deep State and its crypto extensions deployed at several civil and official positions including the law enforcement, the judicial system, and the media in Turkey. The British Deep State considers the formation of a strong, steady Islamic Union, with the integration of Muslims throughout the world, as the greatest threat to its 300-year-old system of exploitation. This deep and dark state is extremely uncomfortable with the work of Mr. Oktar and his friends, who have decisively supported and worked for the Islamic Union for almost 40 years. Mr. Oktar has written many books about it, and provided very effective philosophical and ideological support to the Turkish government on this matter. Mr. Oktar and his friends have expounded clearly and exercised a way of living by the virtues of true Islam based on the Quran -far from bigotry and radicalism- together with modernity, quality, art, aesthetics and science. Additionally, using these works they have enlightened the whole world about the existence of God and the fact of Creation and have scientifically destroyed Darwinism, used to support materialistic philosophies, irreligiousness and militant atheism.

The second volume of Mr. Oktar’s book titled “Mastermind: The Truth of the British Deep State Revealed”, published at the beginning of 2018 and sent to the leading academicians, bureaucrats, researchers, and politicians of the world, was the last straw that led to this plot organized by the British Deep State against him.

Another reason behind this plan by the British Deep State to make Mr. Oktar and his friends ineffective is the strong intellectual support they have provided for Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan for the last 26 years. The British Deep State has been planning to overthrow President Erdogan at any opportunity. They not only manufacture false propaganda against him, but also against groups that support him. And Mr. Oktar and his circle of friends were considered primary target as they have been particularly influential and successful in this respect.

In order to organize a series of false, unfounded complaints and to lay the grounds for the police operation and arrests, the British Deep State used some people who had departed from Mr. Oktar’s circle of friends and had enmity towards him.

The claims of ‘sexual assault’ about Mr. Oktar and his friends are baseless, unfounded and undocumented

Even the statement “Featuring Lots of Sexual Assault” in the title of the article published on your web site is a clear indicator that the article was written with a prejudiced mindset. The language alone shows a lack of unbiased good intentions, and honesty. This single-handedly and importantly demonstrates the lack of truth in the supposed factual claims mentioned in the article.

When there is a very serious accusation such as ‘sexual assault’, this accusation must be based on solid, undeniable facts, documents, and conclusive judicial rulings. Otherwise, it would be ‘slandering’ the people concerned, and would comply neither with the international maxim of law called ‘the presumption of innocence’ nor with human rights.

It is of utmost importance to note that there is no judicial ruling against Mr. Oktar and his friends to date, related to this accusation or any other. They have not been involved in any crime in their lives. They do not have any criminal records. There are only sexually explicit slanders by a few young women who were coerced and pressured to give false statements through threats and intimidation by the conspiring hostile circles. Other than the verbal statements of these young women, which contain a great many contradictions and inconsistencies, there is no evidence, no witnesses, no records, no health reports, no timely official complaints that could possibly provide any confirmation in support of these allegations.

The alleged sexual assaults date back 1, 2, 5, 10, and even 20 years ago. Strangely, however, all of the complainants have made an application for complaint either right before the police operation on July 11, 2018, or right after. Moreover, all of them made their applications for a complaint to the police department for ‘financial crimes’, which does not deal with sexual crimes.

Additionally, these female complainants had hundreds of photos, videos, and social media feeds at the times when they claim they were sexually abused. Upon examining these media records and accounts, they clearly indicate and prove that these girls had happy, loving, respectful social interactions with Mr. Oktar and his friends.

Furthermore, from the year 2016 right to the day of the police operation on July 11, 2018, Mr. Oktar and his friends had been under a secret technical surveillance by the police, their phone conversations, and surroundings were being constantly listened to and recorded, even with hidden camera footages. No incident of sexual assault, sexual abuse, violence of any sort, or any other act of crime was recorded or encountered during the surveillance. Moreover, the police raided 120 residences simultaneously on the night of the police operation, but did not find a single inappropriate situation, let alone a criminal element or act of crime.

All of these are clear indicators of an organized method of slander harvesting: With an attempt to fill the evidence-bankrupt court case with artificially manufactured and fictionalized sexual allegations, young women were manipulated through the use of threatening and pressure tactics.

In the meantime, a media-led smear campaign was also launched using sexually explicit accusations. The conspirators’ purpose to defame and discredit this respectable community through such slanders was calculated, as they knew which accusations would affect the public’s sensitivities the most, and put pressure on the on-going judicial process.

As a result of these unfounded slanders and false statements, 168 people were arrested and were kept detained for 17 months. Mr. Oktar and approximately 80 of his friends are still wrongfully and unlawfully detained under very harsh conditions, completing 23 months now. It is incomprehensible how the article on your website could focus on the fabricated lies, ignoring the actual oppression, unlawfulness, and injustice that is going on.

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Mr. Adnan Oktar and his friends are not a ‘cult’

In the article published on your web site, Mr. Oktar and his friends were identified as a ‘cult’. This designation, which is a specially chosen one to give the appearance of a so-called mysterious and introverted structure with special rituals and rules, has nothing to do with reality, truth or facts. Mr. Oktar and his friends have no similarities to any such groups seen in the Islamic history. There are no such relations of “sheik” and “disciples” between Mr. Oktar and his friends. They do not have special religious rituals, hierarchic structures, or special rules, which are among the classical characteristics of cults.

Mr. Oktar and his friends are extroverted, open, sincere, religious Muslims who live their lives openly and publicly, without any secrecy, and who advocate democracy, freedom of ideas and thoughts, women's rights, and aspire for love, respect and a spirit of brotherhood to prevail amongst people.

Mr. Oktar and his friends are a group of people who have come together as a result of their common worldview and way of living, who love one another strongly, who cooperate in line with the Qur’anic morality, and who hold scientific and cultural activities. Therefore, they have absolutely nothing in common with other communities mentioned as ‘cults’ in your article.

The claim that Mr. Adnan Oktar inflicts pressure on his friends and drives them away from social life is completely baseless

Mr. Oktar has not pressured any of his friends on any matter to this day. He has never prevented them from getting an education, engaging in trade, or being actively involved in social life. Contrary to the claims in the prosecutor’s indictment and in your article, which is clearly copied from the former, Mr. Oktar has always encouraged his friends for a high level of education, a successful and healthy business and social life, because he cares for his friends living a good life. He also considers these traits vital in order to preach Islam better, to set an example for an educated, sophisticated, modern and high-quality Muslim model and to make this model widespread around the world.

A majority of Mr. Oktar’s friends have their master’s and doctorate degrees. Amongst them are medical doctors, engineers, academicians, managers, and successful business people. All of them have always led their lives in the way they wanted with their free will. None of them is away from social life. They all are people who spend time having fun, doing sports, attending social and cultural activities. Even having a quick look at their social media accounts would be enough to see how socially active they are.

Mr. Oktar himself has always supported his friends to live happy, joyful and active lives. His friends have participated at all levels of society and have been living their lives before the public through their social media accounts, television shows on A9 TV, and interviews they have given to other media outlets. The claim that they were oppressed and forced to live in a vacuum is completely baseless and unrealistic.

Again, the claim that Mr. Oktar has coerced his female friends to undergo plastic surgery is also very inappropriate and imaginary. Smart, intelligent, modern, elite, educated, intellectual women from reputable families would clearly not act on such enforcements as so claimed. Besides, none of Mr. Oktar’s female friends has had any plastic surgery.


The claim that Mr. Adnan Oktar monitored the private lives of his friends with hidden cameras is false

One of the locations raided by the police on July 11, 2018, was a large residence where Mr. Oktar used to visit from time to time. After the police operation, visual footages of the residence were shared with the general public on the media. The facts about this residence were distorted by some media outlets. One such distorted news is about the security cameras that were found in the residence and were used to secure a very large area on which it was built.

Just as any house or place of work with a garden or surrounded with a large piece of land does, the premises in question had security cameras too. But all of these security cameras were used to watch the garden, the surroundings of the residence, and the borders of the garden. There was not a single camera inside the residence or any of the rooms. However, these security cameras in the gardens were reflected to the general public as so-called hidden cameras placed by Mr. Oktar inside the rooms of the residence, which is a complete fabrication.

Despite these types of defaming news, not even the prosecutor’s indictment makes any mention of these imaginary ‘hidden cameras’ because it is a clear fact that these cameras were not hidden and were used for security purposes. Therefore, the statement of ‘lodgings being monitored by cameras’ in the article published on your web site has nothing to do with solid facts and is only a groundless claim based on fabrication and lies.


It is very ugly, ill-bred, and completely baseless to claim that Mr. Adnan Oktar sent his female friends to some politicians for blackmail

This ugly claim, which has been told by only one hostile complainant to discredit Mr. Oktar and his group of friends, has not been included in the prosecutor’s indictment. There is no evidence, document, witness, or any complaint that could confirm such a slander that is only put forth to defame Mr. Oktar’s female friends who are very respectable and virtuous people. This is only an ill-bred slander told with the hope that when enough dirt is thrown some will stick. Those who defame virtuous women in this way are denounced in our Holy Book, the Qur’an as such:

Indeed, those who [falsely] accuse chaste, unaware and believing women are cursed in this world and the Hereafter; and they will have a great punishment. On a Day when their tongues, their hands and their feet will bear witness against them as to what they used to do.” (Qur’an, 24:23-24)

It should be emphasized at this point that the so-called ‘digital blackmail archive’ claimed to exist by some conspirators and the press is also an imaginary, non-existent archive. No such archive was found during the police operation. There is not a single line of phrase in the indictment that mentions the existence of such an archive. Furthermore, there is not even a single shred of evidence or material pertaining to blackmail, or a victim of blackmail, or any case/investigation related to such an accusation. Then again, Mr. Oktar and his friends are not people who would be involved in such a criminal activity because they are of high moral values, of a high level of education, good manners and personalities in addition to the fact that they have no prior or present criminal records. The claims of blackmailing are just as baseless and unfounded as the other fabricated allegations.

In the past, Mr. Oktar and his friends have been investigated for such false allegations as cited in your website. All of those lawsuits resulted in either dismissals or decided in favor of Mr. Oktar and his friends, in other words acquittal. It is proven with a number of rulings of the courts and prosecutor offices that Mr. Oktar and his friends are innocent. Despite this fact, the conspirators have once again made the same old and refuted claims. This is nothing new. We believe that this plot set by the conspirators will be spoiled and justice will prevail once more.

In this respect, we send this reply of ours for your information and kindly demand that it be published on your web site www.cracked.com.